Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's dinner n°2

Bonjour à tous! Hope you had a great Valentine's day. As you can guess, mine was based on the dinner I planned to cook for my girlfriend. Nothing fancy, just a simple and romantic meal perfectly done. Don't hesitate to steal the recipes if you want to cook for her next time!

I started the menu with ginger and chilli caramelized scampi on top of a spinach salad. I wanted the two scampi to look like heart-shaped but it didn't work, but still looked delicious. Moreover, the spiciness of this light plate is exactly what you need to start the dinner.

Fry the chilli and the ginger in oil, add the scampi for approximately 5 minutes and pour just a bit of soy sauce. Prepare the spinach salad by cooking them very quickly with olive oil and salt in a frying pan, if you overcook them you'll lose all the texture so be careful.

Next on the menu was a Duck Confit on string beans and mushrooms with a red wine and blueberry reduction. Of course! I couldn't make a romantic dinner without cooking duck, we love it both too much ; and Duck Confit was the first dish I made to impress my girlfriend so I had to do it again. You can find my recipe HERE. 
This time I cooked the mushrooms in the duck fat, and for the reduction I deglazed the pan I used for the duck with 100ml of red wine then I added the blueberries and let it cook over high heat until it thickens.

And then the dessert!

I made a "very revisited" Norwegian omelette. First, place the pistachio ice cream in a mixing bowl and let it melt. Prepare the fruits you want (I wanted to use cherries but couldn't find any so I used mixed berries), add them to the ice cream and mix well. Put it a mold and store it in the freezer. Beat two egg whites until stiff and add sugar. Take the ice cream out of the freezer and cover it with a thick layer of the meringue. Brown the meringue with a cooking torch (which was my girlfriend's present to me for Valentine's day, definitely the best) and place the "very revisited" Norwegian omelette back in the freezer until you are ready to serve. Just before you do, flamber 20ml of rum and drizzle it on the dessert.

Did anyone cook for Valentine's day? Comment this post and tell us what you made:)


  1. Finally, I've been looking for the link to your site forever, finally found it! Hey, I like your Valentine's Dinner - hope you got justly rewarded afterwards (wink, wink!) I absolutely love Duck Confit but have only made it once, 3 Xmases ago. I promise to check your recipe out, hopefully I'll learn something! Love the starter too, I'm a huge seafood fan! Catch you later! Lin xx

  2. Thanks Lin! This recipe gives a delicious Duck Confit so I really recommend it:) blog it if you try it!