Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moroccan dinner!

Today I decided to make a dish I´ve come to love. I´ve been to morocco several times (5 to be exact) and I have enjoyed every visit. Among all the great moroccan dishes I like to make, bricks are simple but delicious. For my tuna bricks I only use:
- 1 boks of tuna
- A pinch of parsley
- Half an onion
- 1 egg
- salt and pepper
- Spring roll dough

Fry the chopped onion in some butter with couscous 5 spices. When they are soft, mix it with the chopped parsley, tuna, salt, pepper, lime juice and cayenne pepper. Take 2 thin spring roll dough leaves, put some of the mix on the leaves. Continue by putting an egg on top of the mix. Close the dough as a rectangle.
Warm up some frying oil at low temp and fry it for 3 min on each side. The egg yolk will make the sauce! With the bricks I made a couscous with raisins, 5 spice mix and some extra cinnamon.
I really couldn´t stop at just one brick, so I ate 2! But who cares! they are great, healthy and easy to make!
Hope you like it :)

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