Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gourmet menu

Hello people!

This weekend I invited some friends for dinner (including Camille and his girlfriend), and I just had to impress. We had a wonderful time talking about school, future vacation plans and food.
First off, I prepared a foie gras dish consisting of raspberry/lime coulis, balsamic reduction and figs.

Then I made quail in a creamy shallot sauce, with celery root puré. For the quail, cook it very slowly in 300 ml of white wine and 5-6 cut shallots for about 1 hour. Then 10 minutes before serving, add some cream and bring it to the boil to create a more creamy textured sauce. Cut the celery root and cook it in a frying pan with water and aluminum paper on top to get them soft enough for the purré. When they are soft enough, put them in a mixer and add some cream. They do not have to be mixed to a soft purré, but just mix a little at the time so it still is a bit lumpy.

Then after some cheese, I made a star-anis and Pastis creamed ice cake with a raspberry and lime coulis. Now if you want the recipe, comment this post! And I´ll gladly share my secrets...

Hope you like my menu, and hope you comment my blog post!

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