Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Norwegian Barista Championships

Hello people!!

As you know, and as it says in my history, I´m a barista at Stockfleths in Oslo! And last week I entered the Norwegian Barista Championships. I got to say that it´s going to be difficult posting a recipe a day, but I will do my best!
Being a barista is very inspiring! I get to taste plenty of different coffee, and serve one of the most delicious beverage of all. The cappuccino is a beverage drink, perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the steamed milk and acidity of the espresso. Once you get to know the characteristics of the different coffee coming from different countries, you get the opportunity to filter out the mediocre coffees from the best!! And when you get to drink the best coffee on the marked, you never go back to anything else but great coffee.
For the championships I have to invent a signature drink. Any idea what I could use for a great floral, acid, warm espresso?
I have great ideas, but I always like inspiration from you guys!!

Thanks everyone :)

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