Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicken Risotto

Sorry for the time between my posts, I have been busier than ever this 2 weeks! 
Following the recent post White wine Poached Chicken, here is the second recipe made with the same chicken: a nice and creamy risotto. Again, this dish is very simple but so excellent and will always be impressive to serve, moreover made from scratch like this one.

After you finished the White wine Poached Chicken recipe, you were left with the rest of the chicken back in the stock. Place the saucepan over a medium heat and let the chicken stock cook for 5 hours. Just skim the top of the stock with a spoon every 15 minutes during the first hour. It is long but it really cooks by itself, keeping all the flavor for your dishes!

To make the risotto, I recommend you to follow Alex's recipe: Mushroom Risotto.

While you cook the risotto, take the chicken out of the stock, remove all the meat and add it to your preparation just before the end. Few slices of parmesan on top of it and here is your second delicious meal made with the chicken. And there are still the wings and legs for the third recipe!

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