Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paris, c'est la vie !

Yes, I've been spending a few days in Paris with my girlfriend.

This city must be the best place in the world to find inspiration. Of course I'm talking about food. These food markets in the streets of Paris are amazing! T
he sellers shouting about their beautiful merchandise, the smell of fresh fruit and vegetables, the huge range of products and of course the warmth and friendliness of the people.

I´ve always had great experiences in Paris. Now I´m heading for Norway again, and I´m sure you understand that I just had to bring back a few products. This is a little list of what I bought: pâté, rillettes d'oie et de porc, magret de canard, magret de canard fumé, aiguillette de canard, mousse de canard, etc.

I´m afraid that I love these products so much that I know they will disappear quickly... But look at the bright side! I´ll be posting recipes!!

Have you had a great culinary experience in Paris? Please share your story on our blog :)

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