Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Professional Kitchen?

Not at all!

I recently moved back to France, more precisely to La Rochelle, in order to finish my Bachelor. As I'm a business student I travel quite a lot, I therefore haven´t got much money to rent a fancy apartment. So here I am in my small, but very cosy studio. There is however one major interesting point:

The kitchen!

Yeah... So I have this microwave/grill I still haven't used, 2 great hobs and a very small fridge. I haven´t got any good knives (except one I took with me) or stove! As you can see, I'm not quite equipped to create the greatest dishes, but to find a way to a woman's heart, creativity is all you need in the kitchen. I might not have all the usual equipment but this is a very good way to challenge myself and use my imagination to impress using all the great ingredients that La Rochelle has to offer.

So hopefully, Alex will take all this into account when he posts my next challenge!

Any thoughts about my new kitchen?

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  1. I just tried the microwave/grill. Well. It cooks very slowly but it works!