Monday, January 23, 2012

Celery root soup

Hello People!
Some days ago I went to a chinese grocery store, and found lot of different interesting vegetables and spices i´ve never seen before! I do not think that i´ll use some of the weird yet extraordinary stuff right away, but they´ll come on this blogg some day.

I have had a lot of inspiration this week, and I have loved every second of it!
2 days ago I made a creamy celery root soupe with a poached egg. For this I used a little number of ingredients, but the taste is incredible. Follow these steps:
- 250 ml of chicken stock is a sauce pan
- 1 peeled and cut celery root
- 2 peeled potatoes
- salt and pepper
instead of having the lid over, put some aluminum paper right over the cubes. This will make them soft faster, and not crunchy or medium soft. Bring it to the boil. When it´s really soft, put it in the mixer and add 2 oz of cream and just a little fresh finely cut chili. Mix while it´s hot, or else the soup will get lumpy.

For the poached egg, bring some water to the boil, and lightly season it with salt and olive oil. Give the water a swirl, so that it looks like a tornado. This will make the egg white turn around the egg yolk and create a perfectly shaped poached egg. Plate, season, add some olive oil and serve.

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