Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My chèvre!

A delicious and easy to make goat cheese salad. Watercress and roman salad is great for this dish because you get that crunchy feeling.

In the frying pan add:
- 1-2 whole cherry tomatoes
- 2 pieces of bread rubbed in with garlic and seasoned
- 1 slice of goat cheese
- Olive oil
- Fresh thyme
Do not use Butter, ore else the goat cheese won´t have a nice crust.

For the vinaigrette, mix:
- 2 parts Olive oil
- 1 part vinaigre
- Salt and pepper
- Juice of half an Orange
- 2-3 spoons of honey (depends on how sweet you want it, but I use 2)
Mix it roughly, so the texture is right. It should have a funny brown color, and slightly creamy...

Plate, add some walnuts and finish by adding the vinaigrette. The acidity and sweetness of the vinaigrette works perfectly with the goat cheese. Personally I could eat 2 plates and still want more! It´s that delicious...

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