Thursday, January 12, 2012

And the Challenged becomes Challenger

My friend, I´ve prepared a few plates now, and for your challenge i choose to present a great risotto. To obtain a perfect risotto, you have to be awake! You have to be careful not to boil it to death, and at the same time not fry it to the underworld. Add stock little by little so you know when it´s almost ready. Never let it stick to the saucepan sides, and always keep it moving. I choose not to describe my risotto making in this presentation, because I´m presenting it in another recipe.

I have to say that I think the challenge was a bit hard. Creating a creative dish with fish and mushroom as a main ingredient (the mushroom season ended a long time ago) is hard. But since I got challenged, I did my best and made something great anyway!

I used Organic risotto, chicken stock, parmesan, mushrooms, crème fraiche and butter to create a perfect risotto. For the fish I used skate-fish wings that I covered with a little flour and fried in a pan with olive oil, lime juice and garlic at high heat. Cook the fish for about 3 minutes and leave it to rest before you serve. The Risotto recipe will be posted in a few moments.

If anyone wonders what the the black edge is, I can answer that. The black edge you see on the photo is concentrated balsamic. This sharpens the taste and gives the risotto an even better taste. This wasn´t allowed in the challenge, and isn´t needed for the recipe.

I hope your satisfied with my creation, and that you´ll try to make a perfect risotto too :)

Challenge 2

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