Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My answer to Challenge n°1

I had lot of fun with this challenge. I don't usually cook with fruits and having the opportunity to try it was.. well, interesting! I made it as an everyday dinner with my girlfriend. So Alex, here is my answer to the Challenge n°1:

Based on the ingredients list you gave me, I decided to make a Wok. First, I heated up some olive oil with garlic and red chili. Then, I added onions to the wok and as soon as they took a brown colour, I placed the cubes I made from chicken filets and in the same time, few small bits of ginger. After few minutes, I put some soy sauce and oyster sauce in the preparation and let it cook for few minutes at med temp control. I cut the mango in small cubes and placed it in the Wok only 5 minutes before the end, so the fruit doesn't loose its sweet taste.
I advice to be careful with the ginger as it will easily become the only taste in your Wok if you add too much of it.

Challenge made on time, a tasty Chili Chicken Wok with Mango and Ginger.

By the way, this is Alex's turn now!

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