Monday, September 24, 2012

Stringy cheese chicken

Hello food loving people!

A little while ago I saw a Heston Blumenthal episode, and he made me crave for stringy cheese! I absolutely adore cheese! If you one day you get to ask me which my favorite cheese are, I´ll only be answering: there´s too many to choose from! But my favorites are in the blue cheese and well preserved section.

Now for this simple dish I used:
Norwegian yellow cheese

All these have a purpose. Mozzarella for the stringiness, compté for the intense flavor, norwegian yellow cheese for the volume and the aged parmesan for the little crisp and creamy flavor.
Mix them all in a Bain Marie and let it melt naturally. Swirl a couple of times and do not worry about the sauce.

Cut the chicken breast in the middle so that it folds out. Put some stringy cheese in it, and close it up with some thread. Cut some carrots in fine lengths and mix it with some greens (asparagus, green beans, herbs...)  in the pan. The carrots will bring some sweet flavor to the dish.
Fry the chicken first and them the vegetables. Use some of the cheese sauce that was created and there you have a stringy cheese dish!
Remember one thing though, always season your food! and then taste before re-seasoning.

Have a great one!

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