Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Surf ' n ' Turf Mania

Now it´s my turn re-posting recipes for you guys!

I assure you, I have been cooking a lot for the past months, but the time for some blogging has been very limited. To recap my life for the past months, I began the year with the national barista championships, then I prepared for my 5 exams at the university! The fact that I was ill for a couple of months before my exams, meant that I had to read a LOT!
Food being one of the center pieces in my relationship, I have to say that my girlfriend has made a lot of improvements being my personal little chef :)
Following my exams, I get offered the job that many passionate baristas dream of getting! I get to be a assistant manager during the opening of the new Stockfleths i Oslo (soon to be the best coffee bar in Oslo!). Not only that, but I get to have the Norwegian Barista Champion as my boss! That, I have to say, is pretty AWSOME!
Now school has started again. Even if I haven´t had a lot of vacation, I´m ready for a new semester and new experiences!

As my first blogpost in a long time, I would like to share one of my favorite Italian recipes I made this summer. This is really a sunny day recipe, but can be appreciated a cold day with a great spanish or italian red wine.

I would like to call it:

Surf ´n ´ turf MANIA!

I honestly love this recipe, and can never get enough of it!

Now to the basics of this recipe:
- 3 tins of quality tunafish in olive oil
- homemade mayonaise (retail is great too)
- Ruccola salad
- Pre panned sirloin (you can use a lot of different types, but red meat is recommended)
- quality parmesan
- quality olive oil (extra virgin)
- pine nuts
- lime
- salt and pepper
- creme fraiche
- cayenne pepper

Now this sounds pretty easy, and the great thing is that it is easy!

If you have a little fatty sirloin, beat it to break the strings! then cook it in a pan with butter, or put it in the oven for a slower cook (160 degrees should do it (remember to moisture the meat while its cooking)).
Let it rest for a couple of minutes, and cut it into longer pieces.

For the tuna mix, empty the tuna tins into a bowl, then add a couple of spoons of mayonnaise. Then add some creme fraiche to mix the different creamy textures! Balance it after you own palate and add the salt, pepper, cayenne and lime!

Mix the ingredients, and add the meat. Let it cool during the night! Before serving, add the roasted pine nuts and ruccola and there you go!!!! it´s time for surf ´n´ turf MANIA!

I hope you enjoy my first long blog post! My god I now remember how much I love writing about this!

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  1. Welcome back:) loving the new look of the site, the longer post, the awesome picture and that I apparently have improved my cooking!
    - Heidi