Monday, September 10, 2012

Fish dinner in Autumn

Good evening!
Everything is going great in my new job, very nice colleagues, a beautiful office in Oslo and I can cook great meals now that my bank account isn't always in negative.

It's been a long time since I cooked fish, I'm not even sure if I posted any recipe with fish on this blog but anyway, here's tonight's dinner: "Tzatziki Salmon" for the entrée, and "Stir fried Plaice" for the main course.

For this "Tzatziki Salmon", I used really basic ingredients to make a fine, fresh and well balanced entrée. I made a bed of avocado at the bottom, put slices of cucumber (marinated quickly with olive oil), and finished it with pomegranate on the top.

Around the cucumber, I put a tzatziki emulsion made from tzatziki with added liquid cream. I placed cubes of fresh salmon and small bits of cucumber pulp. Store it in the fridge for 5 minutes before serving.

The main course is simpler in taste and color, but still as delicious. I stir fried the Plaice filets in olive oil for 5 minutes on the skin and placed it in the oven for 3 minutes at 200°c. The green vegetables were also stir fried in olive oil for 5 minutes, but I added also balsamic vinegar.
I added lime juice just before serving, salt and pepper. You really don't need any sauce for Plaice, the fish speaks for itself.

Hope you enjoy these two recipes! Ask me if you want other fish recipes ;)

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