Sunday, August 26, 2012

Reindeer Steak with Brunost Sauce

Hey everyone!

It has been a long since the last spot. Well, life has been very busy since last time. I graduated from my school in France after weeks working on my thesis, but I wasn't accepted in the Master program I wanted to do in Norway. Huge disappointment, but I got back on my feet directly and started looking for a job. I finally found the dream job, after few interviews I finally got it, and I'm based in Oslo which is just perfect!

After that, I had to come back to cooking and writing on the blog.

Here I am, with a new Camille's Norwegian meal: Reindeer Steak with Brunost Sauce. Every once in a while, there is a farmer market in Oslo where you can buy very typical Norwegian food, and this was the best place to find a meal to do my blog come back. I chose a beautiful piece of reindeer hunted just recently, and a brunost. For those who don't kno, brunost is a delicious brown goat cheese. It is made from whey that is cooked until caramelized. I love it and if you come to Norway, you need to try it.

For the meat, I cooked it in the oven at 60°c during 3 hours and finished it at 100°c for 30 minutes glazing it with a salty butter at the end. I recommend it bloody or at least pink to really enjoy the taste of the meat, but if you want it cooked more you can live it at 60°c for another hour.
For the sauce, I used 50g of butter, added 25g of Brunost and finished it with 10ml of liquid cream. It works perfectly with a meat, really delicious!

On the side, I cooked cantrell mushrooms quickly in a pan with olive oil, just remember to wash them very well before. Plus a rutabaga and parsnip purée: cut them in cubes, cook the cubes in boiling water until they are soft and mix them with liquid cream until you can a nice texture. Pour the cream carefully and just a little bit several time in order to avoid a very liquid purée.

I hope you like this come-back recipe! Feels good to cook and blog again:)

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