Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blue Cheese Burger

Now this blue cheese burger people, is heavenly on a cold winter evening. Very easy to make, and the flavours work beautifully together.

Simply add the following spices in a bowl:
fresh oregano.

Make some beautiful minced meat burgers, and just roll them in the spice mix. While cooking, the flavour will melt in the burger and create a beautiful crust that explodes in your mouth.
Cook it on medium heat with a bit of salted butter. Remember to add enough butter so that when you turn your burgers you gently pour some melted butter on top. Always cook your burgers medium rare please! Add the cheddar cheese before you´ve cooked it perfectly.

For the rest: cook some spinach, then put them in a ice bath to prevent them from overcooking. Take it out shortly after and season. Put your mushrooms in the pan and cook until soft and creamy. Mix it with your spinach and there you have your perfect topping.

For the sauce I simply mix delicious blue cheese with some crème fraiche and season it.

You can have potato boats if you want to or anything else (I like cherry tomatoes)... But the burger is enough on its own... It´s so creamy, delicious and packed with flavour! But you got to be careful with the meat! do not overcook it like they often do at restaurants! After a few tries and tastes you´ll notice the difference.

Enjoy :)

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