Monday, March 5, 2012

Norwegian food market

Saturday, my girlfriend and I went to the first opening of a farmers market.

This is the first permanent farmers market in Oslo and it has a great variation of Norwegian specialties and exclusive merchandise. You can buy rabbit, fresh salmon, great cheese, all kinds of home made jam and so on...



For the first time in my life I ate nettle cheese! And it was surprisingly tasteful!! furthermore I tasted dandelion sirup, cave cheese, Norwegian honey mustard and so on. I really enjoyed my time in this market.
When we escaped the temptations after tasting for over 2 hours, we came out with a farmers white mug cheese and a perfect home made plum jam! Rarely I´ve tasted a jam that good... With this I made a crunchy salad with tomatoes and my own balsamic, honey, orange and pepper dressing.

The market opens every Saturday this month until closing for the grand opening in October!!! Really looking forward having a permanent farmers market in town!! But for now, new week, new opportunities :)

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