Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Homemade Ravioli:)

I´ve made ravioli from scratch!!
Use my pasta recipe for the dough. For the filling I mixed chicken with asparagus, chives and goat cheese. But the thing with ravioli is that you can do all kinds of sorts!! cheese, ham, all vegetables and so on... The fantastic thing with fresh ravioli is that it only needs a couple of minutes in the pan.
Us a fork to press the dough edges and put it on a floured plate. Tips for cooking! use a regular pan and not saucepan. It´s much easier to get them out without breaking the dough!
I really made so much ravioli that we had to spare some for lunch the next day... It was perfect! Now my girlfriend want me to make them all the time!! Even today she asked me when I was thinking about making it again... Loving my new pasta machine :-)

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