Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Healthy Scampi Taco

Good evening!

I guess just like me you had a lot to eat during the Christmas and New Year holidays. And these meals have the reputation to be the heaviest of all year, so for a lot of people the new year resolutions tend to be "more sport" and "healthier food".

If you want to stay fit in 2014, or your girlfriend does, here is a veeery simple dish but very tasteful. It can also be served as an appetizer for a full menu of course.

The Scampi and Mango Taco

First, drizzle olive oil in a hot pan and toss the scampis (just the meat, no shell/head/tail) and cook it until you obtain firm scampi with a nice color. While cooking the scampis, you can slice the mango into thin layers. You don't want more mango than scampi or it ill be too sweet. 
To add a crunch to your "taco", toss pine nuts in a hot pan and move them until you obtain a golden skin. Be very careful as it just takes few seconds and it can be burned very easily.

Then, dispose everything in a lettuce leaf, drizzle with soy sauce and lime juice. 

Enjoy your healthy taco! If you want more healthy recipes, just tell me in the comments. ;-)

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