Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stilton soufflé

The first time a made a cheese soufflé, it was to impress some friends with my cooking skills. I have to say it was a COMPLETE failure... indeed they rose, but the second I took it out of the oven, they fell and became cheese pancakes. The taste was absolutely there, but heck, it wasn´t that impressive to say the least.
But today! you can impress your own friends with an easy peasy stilton cheesy soufflé! Follow the steps, and you´ll be one step closer to someones heart.
But to get there, you have to let some steam out and be aggressive with the whisk! calmness and pride is your prize ;)

serves 2 in medium ramekins
0) put you ramekins in the fridge
1) melt 30g of butter
2) add 30g of flour and mix well
3) add 55g of milk
4) take it off the heat and add 2 egg yolks and a teaspoon of mustard
5) add 55g of stilton cheese, mix until incorporated and leave to rest
6) whip the egg-whites until you can hold the bowl up side down without it moving or falling
7) incorporate 1/3 of the foam and mix aggressively
8) gently fold in the rest, preserve the airiness
9) take the ramekins out, and brush it with soft butter upwards. The butter should stick and freeze.
10) fill the ramekins by 1/3, tap it against the counter to eliminate "large" bubbles
11) fill the ramekins to the edge
12) set it into a preheated oven 220-225 for 10-12 min

To eat with simple or adventurous salads. I found it ridiculously good with a orange dressing for the salad, the acidity broke the fat and cleansed the palate. Healthy and comforting, Enjoy!

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