Sunday, December 25, 2011

Elg Tartare

Yes i know, Steak Tartar isn't a very Christmasy dish. Not really a winter dish either but since I got hold of a very nice minced raw moose-meat the other day i decided to try this recipe. I am French and with 6 months in Oslo behind me, i have developed a fascination for norwegian food. Many people might have bad associations with this cuisine (if they have one at all) but the truth is that when it comes to game meat (any animal hunted in the wild, and not domesticated) Norway will impress.
Moose or elk ("Elg") is a very tender meat, almost like beef but with a stronger flavour. It also has high protein levels and low fat content. I find it delicious and since i had to leave for Paris to celebrate christmas i made this dish as a last taste of Norway the night before i left.
You can do a lot with minced elk meat but i chose to make a tartar since i really like the raw natural flavor.

This is what you need for 1 person:
  • 200gr of minced Moose Meat
  • 1 egg 
  • 1 tomato / 1 salad / 1/4 onion / capers
  • Oil / Balsamic vinegar
  • Coarse salt / Pepper

A sauce will make the tartar more interesting and a balsamic reduction is perfect since it will not dominate and drown the taste of the meat. 
To do so, put 1/4 dl balsamic vinegar into a saucepan set on a low temp control and add 2 spoons of water. When the vinegar is warm, add 3 tea spoons of Mirabelle jelly and mix until the jelly has melted down (it only takes a few seconds). Then, you'll just need to leave it until the solution reduce, which is a more textured sauce than the liquid version you have to start with.
While the reduction is cooking itself, you can get the tartar ready. Lay a bed of tomato, salad and a little bit of onions on your plate and just pour some of your usual vinaigrette on top. The minced meat is hand-mixed with some olive oil, 2 or 3 pinches of flaked salt and a bit of pepper. Then you use with your fingers to shape it. 
The egg yolk is carefully placed on top (this is optional. If you're not a fan of raw eggs you can just leave that out) 
With a small pinch of salt, the reduction laid of the way you prefer and a quick turn of the pepper-mill your dish is done.

Enjoy the nordic taste! :)
Bon appétit!

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